Functional Medicine Nutrition Coach Leena Österberg

FM based Nutritional Coaching





Prior to First Consultation (step 1) your will receive three different forms to fill in; background information form, symptom questionnaire and diet diary form, which is to be filled in during 7 days. All this information will help me to preassess your case before the first consultation. If you have recent laboratory results (less than one year old) please do bring them along to the first consultation. 


Consultation (1,5–2 hours)

In our first meeting (step 2) we will discuss, with the help of special Functional Medicine Matrix and the forms you filled and return, your situation in depth looking at your whole life span. The Matrix covers eg. diet, sleep, excersice as well as your immunity, energy, oxidative stress, hormonal balance, liver function and detoxification processes in your body.  We all are different, thus the body functions are unique for each individual depending on life style, diet, environment and genetics. The aim is to achieve a wholistic picture of your nutritional/health status and the significant imbalances.


Also virtual meetings can be arranged upon your request😊


FM based Nutritional Coaching



After Consultation

Based on our discussion (step 3) and the materials you have provided I shall write  recommendation program for your diet, lifestyle and possible food supplementation to follow for the next 6 – 8 weeks before our first follow up meeting. It is meaningful to advance in small steps so that you would feel committed to changes and that they would endure ! I shall also integrate some life style suggestions based on ayurvedic discipline.



Follow Up Consultation

Ideally it should take place after 6 – 8 weeks from the first consultation….when you have adapted some changes to your daily routine and you have possibly felt the changes! Your “vouyage” has just begun so it’s also vitally important to check your understanding of the regime and finetune according to the changes that have materilalized. With this we secure your motivation to continue…. This meeting can, of course, also be virtual, if so desired.


Check up - consultations will be agreed according to your needs/wishes. The duration can range from 15 minutes to an hour. Normally the time between consultations spreads as you go along – to 2-3 months, 6 months etc.. finally you will be able to ”nurse” yourself.  



Please contact me by mail or by phone.