FI / Functional Medicine Nutrition Coaching



Did you get interested in Functional Medicine besed nutritional coaching?

Would you like to include more energy and happiness into your life?

Would you like to want to improve your immunity and vitality?



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Enjoyable, one and half hour’s reflexoly massage is a great way to diminish stress                                levels and improve your immune system’s functionality.

The aim is to pacify, calm down your body, mind and soul.                                                                                After pampering yourself, keep rest of the day just for yourself…..slow down and enjoy😊)


Reflexology and FM nutrition coaching are synergic and thus a perfect match!




Ayurveda Dosha analysis


Indian medicinal- and life science, Ayurveda, teaches you how to lead a healthy life.                                        It aims at preventing and treating diseases/illnesses. In Ayurveda philosophy the universe, as well as our bodies, constitute of five basic elements which are water, earth, fire, air and space.


Our dosha is determined at the moment of conception – vata – pitta – kapha and their combinations. Different doshas posses different “amounts” of these five basic elements. The trick is for each individual to try to live their life according to their constitutional Dosha –to eat, drink and to time lifestyle and sleep in order to keep our bodies well balanced.


Dosha analysis suits as an addition to deepen the FM based nutritional and life style regime. For instance we are able to finetune which foods suit you better than others – which to avoid.


With Dosha analysis you will receive a food ingredient table which foods best suit your constitutional dosha.